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Cost of Windscreen Crack Repair Cheltenham

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

When a chip occurs, it is often tempting to ignore it. However, this could be a fatal error on your behalf, as there are numerous factors which could at any moment transform that insignificant and easily ignored chip into a glaring obvious crack. If you have a chip or you have a crack, then you need to contact the professionals at Screen Genies for windscreen repairs Cheltenham.

We offer various services, including windscreen repairs and replacements. A windscreen repair is quick and easy process, especially when you contact the mobile team at Screen Genies. Our mobile service offers a fast response to your chip, arranging a time and place which is convenient for you. With our mobile service you don’t even need to book into a garage, we come to you. So whether you’re on your lunch break or you’ve just got back from work – contacting a mobile service is the quick and efficient way of dealing with the chip head on.

It is surprising how many people leave a chip, especially when you consider how quick and easy it is to rectify with our fast response mobile service. A chip can worsen at any moment, and this could lead to impaired vision through the windscreen and it could also jeopardise your safety and your passenger’s safety. The windscreen is a vital feature which supports your safety while you are travelling, and as such a cracked windscreen would fail your cars MOT.

A chip can be easily repaired, yet a crack will involve the replacement of your entire windscreen. This would cost considerably more than a simple repair on a small chip. A chip, although small can turn into a crack incredibly quickly, whether it is due to a dramatic temperature change or the vibration of your car going over a bump – a crack can occur at any time. If you have a chip, then it is crucial that you contact Screen Genies for Windscreen repair Cheltenham.