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Affordable Car Windscreens Cheltenham

Monday, March 28th, 2011

With the spring sun shining, neighbourhoods throughout the length and breadth of the UK will be full of people on a Sunday morning washing off the winter dirt that has built up over the months on their cars. It’s usually at this point that you notice any of those infuriating little chips or dents on the paint work – fortunately the majority of these can be removed by using t-cut and/or a matching paint colour. However, should you come across a chipped windscreen you’ll need to visit a specialist, who offers repairs and replacements for car windscreens Cheltenham.

A windscreen can become damaged through a number ways, from grit and gravel flying off the car in-front of you and hitting the windscreen, through to worn windscreen wipers or ice scrapers causing scratches to the glass. You may not believe that these will have a serious effect on the visibility your windscreen offers, but in truth they do. Not only do they impair your vision whilst driving, but they can also weaken the strength of the windscreen itself.

However, a damaged windscreen, whether it’s a chip, crack or scratches doesn’t have to cost a fortune to repair or replace, especially if you visit us here at Screen Genies.

We have a team of fully experienced glaziers who are fully trained and qualified in the replacing and repairing of car windscreens to a high standard using the latest technology, which helps us offer you the best solution whether this is a repair or replacement at an affordable price. All this can be done without effecting your no claims policy either.

As specialists in repairing and replacing car windscreens Cheltenham here at Screen Genies, we’ll not only be able to offer you an affordable price for the work, but we’ll ensure that the work carried out is done quickly and efficiently with the minimum of fuss and paperwork. If your windscreen has any form of damage, why not visit our garage today to get it fixed.