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Windscreen Replacement Companies Cheltenham

Monday, January 31st, 2011

After the cold snap that the UK faced during November and December 2010 and the subsequent thaw, many UK roads bore the brunt and pot holes have formed. As a driver these can be a nuisance at the best of times, especially when they are unavoidable. But if you’ve got a small crack in your windscreen, a pot hole can end up costing you more than an uncomfortable journey, as the jolt is likely to cause an untreated chip to grow and crack. Fortunately, before this happens, here at Screen Genies we can provide a quality windscreen replacement Cheltenham service.

Here at Screen Genies we have a team of experienced, professional and knowledgeable glaziers who will examine any chips or scratches/cracks your windscreen may have sustained, before providing a quality bespoke windscreen repair. This will help ensure that your car won’t fail its MOT due to any windscreen faults.

Through our experience within the industry, we understand the importance of getting any damage to your vehicles windows fixed immediately and we concur with the major national companies who highlight the damage an untreated chip can cause.

A little known fact about car windscreens is that they actually account for up to 30% of your car’s structural strength, so straight away you can see why it is important to have a windscreen replacement Cheltenham done should a loose stone or flying grit cause a chip.

When we repair or replace your windscreen, we promise that the work will be done as quickly and efficiently as possible, so you can get back on the road. All our work is also done with the minimum fuss and paperwork, not to mention that on average we are 60% cheaper than well known nationwide firms.

The moment you notice a slight chip or crack on your windscreen, no matter how small or whether it’s in the drivers eye line, you should invest in a windscreen replacement Cheltenham from a fully qualified and experienced technician like ours. By visiting us here at Screen Genies, we can not only save you money, but improve the safety of your car too.