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Windscreen Scratch Repair Cheltenham

Friday, April 15th, 2011

With the spring sunshine finally with us, cul-de-sacs up and down the country this weekend will see car owners out with the hosepipe, bucket, sponge and car shampoo as they fight the build up of dirt which accumulated on their vehicles over the winter months. As the layers of dirt disperse, there’ll be a sigh of relief as the car begins to look brand new again. Unfortunately for some though, the removal of dirt will bring scratches across the windscreen to the owners’ attention – and no matter how small these scratches may appear your car will require windscreen repair Cheltenham.

A relatively unknown fact about the windscreen of a car is that it makes up a large proportion of your vehicle’s strength. Unfortunately though, it’s also the one part of the vehicle which can become damaged by the slightest contact with a durable material.

Here at Screen Genies, we’re aware that there are a number of factors which can lead to your windscreen becoming scratched, including damage caused as you scraped the ice of your car during the winter months, through to dirt and grit flying across it as you make your way down the motorway. However, the most common cause of a scratched windscreen is as a result of damaged and worn windscreen wipers.

Fortunately, we have a team of experienced and trained technicians who are able to provide a first class level repair service, to ensure that come spring sun, your vision as you head out and about for the day won’t be compromised as a result of a scratch along your line of vision.

When we’re contacted to provide a windscreen repair Cheltenham service, our team of trained and experienced glaziers are able to visit your home or place of work to carry out the work, ensuring that you’re caused the least amount of inconvenience. If you’ve noticed a scratch down your windscreen no matter how small, get in touch with us for our fantastic service.